Photograph by Scott R Kline

About Me

Who's Kamelle?

I hate bios. They are boring. You can meet someone through words but actions always are far more exciting. Who I am is like a “secret recipe” in a tasteful Southern dish ...It’s there. It’s apparent, and I don’t think it has to be overemphasized or broken down. I’ve been through a lot: I’m a gay black man from the south. Pick any of those adjectives and one might expect the narrative of a victim. I’m more interested in being an opponent than a victim so I’ll spare you the story of what “happened” to me or brought me here. I try to share who “I am” in each and every salutation I make, every performance I share, and class I teach. I have a background in Theatre and writing. I love people. And I love seeing people happy and at their best. What I believe I can and will do for you...Change your life. Forever. 

My Misson

My biggest dream and honor is you realizing your fullest potential, singing your best song, living your best life, igniting this FIREWORK you call life. Life is short, fast, colorful and incredible...but if you don’t light’s just a lot of fire and work. Nah. Let’s make it a FIREWORK!