My biggest dream and honor is other people realizing their fullest potential, singing their best song, living their best life! 

I want to form a profound organization that changes not only our community but the world! 


Profound. Moving. Life changing. 


Changing the world means influencing our community and our youth. They are the future...

As a gay man, protecting, supporting and inspiring the LGBTQ youth means the everything to me.

It is my mission that all members of this community be given the chance to ignite this FIREWORK we call life. Life is short, fast, colorful and incredible. But if you don’t light’s just a lot of fire and work. 

Instead lets make it a FIREWORK!

Let us spark a dialogue for true change. Let's speak to the spirit of our community and establish a forum of 


Profound. Moving. Life changing. 


LGBT Youth of Color


We are here as a 501c3 nonprofit to spark a light in the hearts of Underserved LGBT Youth of Color. This community is in desperate need of healing. Suicide, homelessness and crime plague Youth of Color and those in the LGBT family in particular face painful and arduous challenges specific to their struggle. We are going to deliver a healing for them through creativity, wellness, financial aid and education. 




Because of PROFOUNDations' philanthropic aid with performance and artistic endeavors for youth we are presenting VITAL VOICES : A night of solo performance with leaders in this field! It's going to be an inspiring show that you don't want to miss! Proceeds from ticket purchases will assist the nonprofit mission in the following ways:

-Artistic Scholarships for Underserved LGBT Youth of Color while providing groundbreaking creativity workshops.

-Making it possible for this community to have wellness and fitness opportunities  

-Portions of the proceeds will also be shared with The SF LGBT Center’s Youth Division